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We can manage your payroll for you and ensure that you comply with the HMRC Real Time Information reporting requirements without the need for you to install expensive and complicated processing and transmission software, or spending time and money learning how to use it or training staff to use it.

PAYE in real time: what's changed?

The HMRC Real Time Information (RTI) requirements are aimed at improving the operation of PAYE (Pay As You Earn). Currently, if you are an employer operating PAYE, you have to submit End-of-Year returns (Forms P35 and P14) to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). In future each time you pay an employee (including those who earn below the NICs Lower Earnings Limit) you will have to submit information to HMRC electronically. The information that has to be submitted to HMRC includes :

  • Personal Identity information, including the full legal name of the employee as shown on their formal identification documents such as a Birth Certificate, Passport or Driving Licence etc.
  • Details of Pay and Allowances.
  • Details of deductions, including Income Tax and National Insurance contributions (NICs),
  • Starter and leaver dates if applicable,
  • Various other information, including the number of hours normally worked by each employee during each pay period.
You no longer have to submit PAYE End-of-Year returns (P35/P14). In addition, the starter and leaver process is simplified. You continue to give your employee a form P45 when they leave but you no longer send forms P45 or P46 to HMRC - instead you must submit all Starter and Leaver information as part of a Full Payment Submission (FPS) that you have to send to HMRC each time you pay someone.


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